When money is tight it’s easy to argue with your partner over the finances. But talking isn’t impossible.
Do you and your partner find it hard to talk about your finances? If so, try these tips.

Many couples manage their money without endless arguments but for some, talking about money without it turning into a row is almost impossible. Even if you and your partner don’t argue you may find it hard to talk about money (one study carried out a few years ago found that as many as 75% of couples said money was hard to talk about). And while disagreements don’t have to lead to breakup or divorce, the relationship counselling service Relate says that rows about money are a major factor in many divorces.

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A new study shows a generation of savvy women are taking control of the family finances.
Women under 45 are making most of the financial decisions in a household; for both short and long-term finances.

So, more women are taking control of the finances and in an increasing number of households, especially where couples are aged under 45, more women than men are making the financial decisions. Interestingly, women are making the long term as well as short term financial decisions. It challenges the conventional view of financial companies that women often make the short term decisions but men make the long term ones (such as those relating to pensions and investments).

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Do you and your partner have financial secrets? Do you have secret debts or savings?
Around one in five couples confess to keeping financial secrets from each other and many of those who don’t still think money is the hardest subject to talk about.

How open are you and your partner when it comes to money? How would you feel about showing your partner your bank statements and credit card bills? Is is something you do already? Being in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean you have to know everything each other does, but – if you're serious about each other and especially if you have joint financial commitments – it’s useful to get an idea of how you manage your money.

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