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Which energy companies have cut prices?
Gas bills will fall by between £24 and £37 a year

But some price cuts won't take effect for weeks

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SavvyWoman Video Clips

Watch some short videos I've put together - and others I've selected - to help you get more from your money.

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How your bank savings are protected

If you have savings in a bank or building society, find out how they're protected

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Buying travel insurance

Don't skimp on travel insurance - make sure it covers what you need

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Don't get a rotten deal on your savings

The regulator says that the savings market isn't working well for customers.

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Top tips if you have to fill in a tax return

Don't forget to pay any tax you owe and to check for mistakes before you send it off

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The 65+ bond has gone on sale

These bonds pay up to 4% if you save for three years, but some women will miss out

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If you’ve got a problem and you’d like some help, why not contact a money expert?

Whether you want to find out how to get the best mortgage, are worried about your debts, have an elderly parent who needs care or don't see eye-to-eye with your partner over money, one of SavvyWoman's panel of experts can help.

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How to get a state pension statement and understand it
You can find out about the state pension you've earned so far
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How to get your money back when you've signed up for a 'free' trial
It can be done..
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How to stop junk mail
It's a bit of a faff but can be done
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Is your partner financially abusive?
How to tell and what you can do
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Giving away money while you're alive
How much can you give away without paying inheritance tax?
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The material provided on this website is general information that is intended for general guidance and is not suitable for professional advice.
You should always obtain independent financial advice.


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