Getting the best exchange rate if you're buying or selling a property overseas.
If you're buying or selling a property abroad, what's the best way to transfer money to get the maximum?

If you’re looking to transfer large amounts of money abroad, perhaps because you’re buying or selling a property overseas or because you’re going to live abroad for some time, it’s well worth shopping around to get a competitive rate. High street banks can charge up to four percent to change your money as well as a commission and a transfer fee. It can add up to thousands of pounds (as much as £6,000 or more on a transfer of £100,000).

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How to buy a property in France for less than €150,000.
If you want to buy a property in France, you don’t have to spend more than £125,000 - and can spend less.

By Vicky Leigh of French Property News

"If people are going to buy they’re going to buy bargains.” That’s what Charles Smallwood, owner of Tarn-et-Garonne-based estate agency Agence l’Union thinks. And, for all the doom and gloom that has been surrounding the property market, there are still bargains to be found on the other side of the Channel. According to Notaires de France, the national property price average in France is currently €194,400 and yet a quick browse on the internet shows that there is no shortage of properties on the market for less than €150,000. Where can you find them?

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If you’re thinking of retiring to France, where should you live and what type of property should you buy?
Retiring to France means you have to think about more than just the type of property you buy. There’s location and the type of property. the abstract

By Karen Tait, editor of French Property News.

If you’ve decided to retire to France, the chances are you already know the country pretty well and have a fair idea of where you want to be. This may be based on holidays you’ve taken in the past; if so, make sure you know what the area is like all year round, as you may only have experienced it in the warm and busy summer months – in winter it may be a completely different proposition.

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