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What are deferred payment agreements if you need to pay for your long-term care?

The introduction of the Care Act means that from 1st April 2015, if you live in England and have to pay for your long-term care, the local authority has to offer you a ‘deferred payment agreement

How to avoid investment scams

If you’re looking for an investment, you might be tempted by something like carbon credits, a wood or bamboo plantation, wine or diamonds

Mobile banking – tips on how to bank safely

Mobile banking is growing dramatically – industry estimates reckon that one billion of us globally will use our phones for mobile banking, compared to just over half that figure today

How does an individual voluntary arrangement or IVA work?

Guest article by Sarah Sperring of Talk About Debt

An IVA or individual voluntary arrangement is one debt solution that’s a formal alternative if you want to avoid bankruptcy – and so protect assets that would otherwise be lost