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Welcome to SavvyWoman.co.uk

More than money… a different kind of money website

SavvyWoman’s aim is straightforward: to help women everywhere get more from their money.

Whether you find it easy to manage your money or feel that money slips through your fingers without you noticing, you’ll find something on the site to help you become a little richer.

Why is the site aimed at women?

It’s not a girls-only club. In fact, there’s plenty of independent content, expert opinion, budgeting tools and tips to help everyone make the most of their cash.
But it’s a fact that we make different choices about our money. That’s what made me start SavvyWoman.

Women tend to:

  • Retire on less than men.
  • Think about risk – in particular when it comes to investing – differently to men.
  • Worry more about their debts (and often have debts that charge a higher rate of interest) than men.

You might already have a feeling that you manage your money differently (perhaps you don’t see eye to eye with your husband or partner when it comes to cash)

Or maybe you feel that financial companies don’t really talk to you in a way that’s relevant.

When I look at financial information that’s widely available, much of it seems to be either aimed at men or not written with women in mind. That’s where SavvyWoman is different.

Living the life you want

I’ll come clean. I find money fascinating; not in a ‘counting my riches at the end of the day’ kind of way, but because the way we feel about money and the decisions we take can have a major impact on our lives (far beyond the original choice we made).

How many times have you bought something to cheer yourself up? Even when you know you can’t afford it? I know I have.

SavvyWoman isn’t about making you feel guilty about spending the money you have, rather it’s designed to help you afford what you want today without jeopardising the life you hope for tomorrow.

SavvyWoman is designed to grow with you, so you can be ‘money prepared’ whatever choices you face.

You’ll also find offers, discounts and freebies, because getting more from your money is about spoiling yourself from time to time as well.