Bathstore has gone into administration – your rights explained

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Bathstore has gone into administration. Its 135 stores will carry on trading while the administrators look for a buyer. Here’s what you need to know.

Q. I have paid for an order but the goods have not been delivered? What can I claim?

A. You will be contacted by the store either by phone or email and they will tell you whether or not your order will be delivered. However, since Bathstore went into administration, it no longer has an installation service.

If Bathstore can’t provide or deliver the items you’ve ordered, the company says you will have to buy what you need elsewhere. You can put in a claim for any money you’ve already paid (such as for items and/or installation). You should initially claim from your credit or debit card provider, or via PayPal, if that’s how you paid. If you can’t claim from your card provider, you may be able to make a claim against Bathstore’s administrators (see below for how to do this).

Q. I have received my order and am waiting for it to be installed. Will my order be installed? What can I claim?

A. The administrators say that Bathstore isn’t offering an installation service anymore. Your only option is to pay someone else to install your bathroom. If the goods you ordered have been/are delivered but not installed, you may be able to make a claim against your card provider for the money you’ve already paid for installation.

Q. Will the installation be completed? What can I claim?

A. If you’re halfway through having something installed, it sounds like it won’t be completed. That means you’ll have to claim against your bank or card provider for a proportion of the installation cost you have paid.

Q. How can I claim?

A. How you claim depends on on how you paid. If you paid by debit or credit card, you should contact your debit or credit card provider. If you paid using PayPal, contact them to get a refund. If you are successful in claiming against your credit or debit card provider you will not be able to make a claim against Bathstore as well.

SAVVY TIP:  The card issuer is the bank or card company that issued the card to you, not the payment processor. For example, if you have a Lloyds MasterCard, the card issuer is Lloyds (not MasterCard).

If you have paid by cash or cheque or you can’t make a claim against the card provider, you can make a claim against Bathstore as an unsecured creditor. To do this, please contact the joint administrators at:

Q. I wish to make a warranty claim for something I bought from the Bathstore. How do I do this?

A. You can’t make a claim against Bathstore if something you bought develops a fault or isn’t fit for purpose. That’s because the company is in administration. If you need to replace something or get extra work done, you’ll have to pay for it.

If you paid for your order and/or the installation by credit or debit card, you may be able to make a claim against the card provider or your bank. However, you’d have to show that Bathstore failed to provide the goods or service, was misleading or misrepresented what it was selling you. You can’t claim against your credit or debit card provider because you bought something that develops a fault years later.

Q. If I make a claim, will I be kept up to date with how it’s going?

A. Yes, the administrators will update the creditors (those who are owed money) as part of the administration process. This will include information about how much for each £ owed, you might receive and when you might receive it. You’ll be able to register to receive creditor alerts from the administrators.

Q. I have a finance agreement with Hitachi (provided by the Bathstore) for items I bought. What should I do?

A.  Your agreement with Hitachi is between you and Hitachi and doesn’t involve Bathstore. If you have any queries regarding your agreement you should contact Hitachi direct. You should have contact details on your credit agreement.

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