How to keep flood water out of your home

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If you want to know how to keep flood water out of your home, there are other options apart from sandbags. But who sells them, how effective are they and what do they cost?

How to keep flood water out of your home

The most common (and often, affordable) option for keeping flood water out of your home, is to buy something that works like a sandbag but that isn’t filled with sand. These sandbag substitutes can be much easier to move around and are often much more effective than sandbags. There are several companies selling sandbag substitutes.

1. AET Flood Defence sells a variety of products, including an ‘aqua sac’ sandbag. It looks more like a sandbag in appearance, but is filled with an absorbent polymer.

Price: As I write this, ten ‘sandbag sized’ bags cost around £54 (plus P&P).

3. Cocomfort sells sandless bags under the product name of Emergency Flood Bags. You can buy these online.

4. Allups sells flood protection strips which are designed to be attached to your door to keep out flood water. The strips are meant to be ‘trapped’ in the door and are designed to swell to exclude water.

Price: As I write this, a box of flood protection strips costs £19.99 (plus P&P).

5. The Flood Company sells sand substitute bags called ‘flood sax’.

Price: As I write this, a pack of 20 ‘sandbag sized’ bags cost around £145, excluding VAT and postage and packing.

Door barriers and defences

Doors and barriers designed to stop water coming in are another option. There are a couple of different manufacturers selling panels that slot in front of your door or doors especially designed to keep flood water out.

1. Caro Group sells a WaterDoor which is designed to keep flood water out of domestic properties and and a larger-scale ‘water wall’ which is designed to keep water out of a road or garden. The WaterDoor consists of a track either side of the door into which aluminum panels can be dropped.

Price: The company says that prices vary but a WaterDoor could typically cost between £300 and £600.

2. Flashflooddoors sells doors designed to resist flood water.

3. Floodark sells flood boards that are designed to fit in front of or behind your door, garage door or conservatory.

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