How to get a cheap school uniform – saving money on school uniforms


It’s not too late to shop for school uniforms and you can still get a good deal. So, where can you get cheap school uniform deals?

What the supermarkets are offering

I’ve listed the cheapest prices for a shirt, skirt and trousers so you can easily compare the costs, together with the number you have to buy to get the lowest price. I’ve also included delivery information and indicated when the price rises for older children. I realise that buying a school outfit isn’t just about getting a cheap school uniform – so I’ve included information about any wear and tear guarantees that are included.

SAVVY TIP: Watch out for delivery charges, which can add an extra £3 – £3.50 to the cost of your order. Some stores have free delivery for a limited period or on a minimum spend.


Asda school uniform: includes knitwear, trousers, shirts, skirts, shoes and sports kit. They have a few blazers on sale (black or navy, from £10) and also do plus fit options on a limited number of items.

Age at which prices increase: Varies across the range, but, for example, is age six for polo shirts and skirts. Items are charged in age bands, for example, 6-10.

Shirt: a pack of two polo shirts starts at £2.50, while a pack of two short sleeved school shirts start at £3.00. Sizes for older children generally cost more.

Skirt: several priced from £3.00 (or £4 plus for children aged 6 or older), with lots priced from £5. The most expensive skirt is from £7.

Trousers: elasticated waist trousers start at £3 (or from £4 for children aged 6-7 or older) with the most expensive trousers starting at £7 for a pair.

SAVVY TIP: Asda’s clothes come with a 100-day guarantee, which means you can return the item if you’re not satisfied for an exchange or refund. You must provide your receipt or proof of purchase. Asda has a useful buying guide on its website.

Delivery: You can buy online and you can collect them free in a store. Standard UK delivery (3-5 days) is from £2.95.


Morrison’s school uniform range comes under the Nutmeg brand. You can buy the clothes in all stores and online, however there isn’t a large range and the website is a bit clunky.

Age at which prices increase: On several items the price starts to increase from age 6 upwards. Shirt: you can buy a two pack of short sleeved shirts for girls or boys from £3.50, or a two pack of long-sleeved shirts from £4.50. They also have a two pack of polo shirts in various colours from £3.

Skirt: They only have one skirt available from £4.

Trousers: They only have two different types of boy’s trousers – from £6 – and whilst writing (10 August) one type of girl’s trousers in one size only (aged 7-8) for £6.

SAVVY TIP: Morrisons has a 200 day ‘no-quibble’ guarantee, saying you can return any Nutmeg branded item if you’re not happy with it for up to 200 days after you’ve bought it. You will need the receipt or other proof of purchase.


You can buy Sainsbury’s school uniform from the TU website or in a store. There is a store locator on the website and you can find out which ones stock TU clothing.

Age at which prices increase: The price generally increases for children aged 7 or older.

Shirt: a three pack of girls’ white woven short-sleeved shirts starts at £4 (for children aged 3-6). A three pack of these shirts for a girl aged 7–10 costs £6. A three pack of polo shirts starts at £3.50 (aged 2-6) and costs £4.50 for children aged 7–10.

Skirt: A pack of two jersey skirts are from £6. These are for girls aged 3-12 years. Individual skirts start at £5.

Trousers: A two pack of trousers is from £7 for children aged 3–12 years.

SAVVY TIP: Sainsbury’s includes a school uniform for secondary school and sixth form. Standard UK delivery is £3.95 or if you spend over £15 online, you can Click & Collect from selected stores free.


Tesco’s F&F Back to School range includes coats and jackets, pinafore dresses and knitwear as well as the basics. It has a uniform embroidery service, which is worth knowing about, although it doesn’t include all schools. It also has Plus Fit and sixth form and college uniform.

Age at which prices increase: On the ranges I checked, the age at which prices increased was from 6 years.

Shirt: from £2.50 for a two pack of unisex polo shirts, this comes in lots of colours including white. A two pack of short sleeved shirts costs from £3.

Skirt: from £3.50 per skirt. There are various prices for skirts, ranging from £3 to £7 or more if you buy for older children.

Trousers: boys’ trousers from £4 each or from £7 if bought in a two pack There are various prices for trousers – ranging from £4 to £7 or more if you buy for older children.

Department stores

Several department stores stock a range of school uniforms, although the breadth of the range and prices vary quite widely.


Argos’s school uniform range is very limited. The website has a big banner boasting about the fact it sells school uniform for children aged 3-10 years, but when I checked all I could find was padded jackets and school bags.

John Lewis

John Lewis’ school uniform section has a wide range of clothes in standard black, grey, white and blue and a limited range of shirts, skirts, trousers and blazers for private prep schools. Whilst writing this, they have a few items reduced to clear, so you may find some extra bargains.

SAVVY TIP: There’s free standard delivery if you spend more than £50, or free for orders over £30 if you order online and collect at a John Lewis store.

Age at which prices increase: You pay more for certain items from the age of six or seven.

Shirt: John Lewis’ ‘The Basics Range’ offers the best prices: a pack of two short sleeved polo shirts are from £5 and a pack of two short sleeved and long sleeved shirts are from £6 for children aged up to five, then they rise to £8 for two.

Skirt: from £9 for a pack of two in ‘The Basics Range’. The most expensive skirt costs £28.

Trousers: from £8 each or £10 for two in ‘The Basics Range’.

SAVVY TIP: If you prefer, you can shop by school for specialist school uniforms.

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer’s school uniform section includes blazers, skirts, pinafore dresses, trousers and shirts.

Age at which prices increase: On the items I looked at, the prices rise for children aged 6-7.

Shirt: from £5 for a pack of two unisex cotton polo shirts. You’ll pay £7 if you’re buying for a child aged 6-10. You can buy a pack of two short sleeved shirts from £6. You’ll pay £8 for a two pack if your child is aged 6-10.

Skirt: from £10 for pack of two skirts with a permanent pleat. If you want to buy them singly, it’s from £8 for a cotton rich skirt or from £9 for a pleated skirt.

Trousers: from £8 if you buy them singly or you can buy a two pack from £11. You will pay more if your child is 6 or over.

SAVVY TIP: There’s free next day delivery to your local store if you order by 12 PM. M&S has a good range for secondary school age children, which not all school uniform retailers sell.

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