If you’re divorced was the pension divided correctly?
Thousands of women may have a claim against their solicitor over the way the pension was divided during divorce.

If you got divorced or dissolved your civil partnership and you took legal advice from a solicitor, you may have a claim against them if the pension wasn't divided correctly when you got divorced. Since December 2000, pensions have been able to be split at the time of divorce. But, depending on how the pension was valued, you may not have got your fair share. One SavvyWoman user is £100,000 better off after her divorce settlement was checked.

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Splitting a mortgage in divorce - what happens and how easy is it to sort out?
It’s not always easy for one person to take over the mortgage when a couple breaks up, especially in the current climate.

Recently I’ve had a number of ask the expert questions from women who’ve split up with their partner or husband and who want to take over the mortgage on their own. But even if you’re able to afford the monthly payments, the lender may not let your partner come off the mortgage. And the current economic climate means they’re being more cautious than they might have in the past. Here’s a guide to what to expect.

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Using the new Child Maintenance Service to arrange child maintenance payments
Parents with two or more children will have to use a new child maintenance service from today if they can't agree maintenance between them.

The Child Support Agency is being replaced by the Child Maintenance Service and today (21st May), the government is writing to over 50,000 parents telling them that they should arrange child maintenance amicably (called 'family-based arrangements). If they get the Child Maintenance Service involved, they could have to pay a fee. Fees and charges are being introduced later this summer.

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