Pensions and divorce - why dividing a pension at divorce can be complicated.
Don’t lose out on the pension when you get divorced; make sure you take advice.

Since the year 2000 pensions were able to be split (or shared, as it’s called in the jargon) at divorce, but it’s likely that some women are losing out because they’re not getting the right advice. Pensions are complicated at the best of times and some solicitors and financial advisers don’t understand how they can be split and the consequences of getting it wrong. If your husband or civil partner has a large pension you could lose out by thousands of pounds if you don’t get the right advice.

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Can ex wives (and husbands) make a claim against each other years after a divorce?
the abstractA court ruling has given an ex wife permission to make a claim against her ex husband. But there’s no guarantee she’ll get anything.

An ex wife has been given permission by the Supreme Court to apply to court for a lump sum from her ex. The ex wife, Kathleen Wyatt, was married to Dale Vince in the 1980s (they separated in 1984 but didn’t get divorced until 1992). They had a son who lived with his mother until 2001. The Supreme Court ruling doesn’t mean Kathleen Wyatt will get any money – it just means she has permission to apply to the court for a lump sum. What does it mean for other divorced couples?

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International divorce – can you choose where to get divorced and if so, how may it help?
If you’ve lived abroad or were born overseas (or your husband was), it may be possible to get divorced outside the UK.

If you were born or lived outside of England and Wales, or if your husband, wife or civil partner was, there may be some flexibility about where you get divorced. It's a complicated area and it depends on a range of circumstances, but it's worth being aware of because, if your ex were to start divorce proceedings he or she may be able to 'choose' the country they take place in.

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