International divorce – can you choose where to get divorced and if so, how may it help?
If you’ve lived abroad or were born overseas (or your husband was), it may be possible to get divorced outside the UK.

If you were born or lived outside of England and Wales, or if your husband, wife or civil partner was, there may be some flexibility about where you get divorced. It's a complicated area and it depends on a range of circumstances, but it's worth being aware of because, if your ex were to start divorce proceedings he or she may be able to 'choose' the country they take place in.

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What to look for when hiring a divorce lawyer
When you are facing divorce and separation it can be difficult to decide which lawyer to hire

Guest article by Neil Denny of Family Law in Partnership

Not all couples who get divorced decide to use a lawyer to help them and some will only use a lawyer to get advice on the basics, sorting out the rest out themselves. But many thousands of people do use a solicitor to help them agree a financial settlement. But how do you choose a divorce lawyer and what questions should you ask before you hire one for your own divorce?

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If you’re divorced was the pension divided correctly?
Thousands of women may have a claim against their solicitor over the way the pension was divided during divorce.

If you got divorced or dissolved your civil partnership and you took legal advice from a solicitor, you may have a claim against them if the pension wasn't divided correctly when you got divorced. Since December 2000, pensions have been able to be split at the time of divorce. But, depending on how the pension was valued, you may not have got your fair share. One SavvyWoman user is £100,000 better off after her divorce settlement was checked.

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