Watch out for pyramid scams - some of which actively target women
What are the rules around pyramid selling schemes? Are they always scams?

This week, the news broke that nine women had been convicted for running or promoting a pyramid selling scheme. The scheme targeted women and asked them to give £3,000, in the hope of receiving £24,000 when other people joined. These types of schemes are illegal in the UK, but they still pop up and – increasingly – target women.

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Looking after the finances of an elderly relative as a deputy; what does the Court of Protection do?
You’ll have to apply to the Court of Protection if you want to look after a relative's finances and they don't already have an agreement in place.

If you don't have a long term power of attorney in place, and you can't make decisions about your own finances, a special court will have to appoint someone to be a deputy. The Court of Protection is a special court which was set up to make decisions about people who are unable to make decisions about themselves, perhaps because they have dementia or learning difficulties. Find out what's involved.

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CPP fraud protection compensation - the deadline to claim is August 30th
If you've received a letter about CPP compensation what should you do next?

You have until the end of August to claim compensation from CPP over mis-sold card protection insurance. If you bought a card protection or an identity fraud protection policy from CPP, you may be due compensation of around £200. Don't miss out.

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