What are deferred payment agreements if you need to pay for your long-term care?
If you have to pay your care fees, you can put off selling your home until after you’ve you died. How do deferred payment agreements work?

The introduction of the Care Act means that from 1st April 2015, if you live in England and have to pay for your long-term care, the local authority has to offer you a ‘deferred payment agreement. That means you can delay paying the local authority for your care until you choose to sell your home or until after you’ve died. How do deferred payment agreements work?

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Pensions and divorce - why dividing a pension at divorce can be complicated.
Don’t lose out on the pension when you get divorced; make sure you take advice.

Since the year 2000 pensions were able to be split (or shared, as it’s called in the jargon) at divorce, but it’s likely that some women are losing out because they’re not getting the right advice. Pensions are complicated at the best of times and some solicitors and financial advisers don’t understand how they can be split and the consequences of getting it wrong. If your husband or civil partner has a large pension you could lose out by thousands of pounds if you don’t get the right advice.

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Who pays for calls if your phone is stolen? Mobile phone companies will cap bills at £100
If your phone is stolen, you’ll only be liable for up to £100 of calls – but only if you report it within 24 hours

If your phone is stolen, in the future you’ll only be liable for up to £100 worth of calls made by the criminals. But that £100 cap only applies if you report your phone as stolen within 24 hours of it happening. It’s a voluntary agreement and, while it’s better than the current system, it won’t protect everyone.

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