Don’t fall for copycat websites; you could lose money
Copycat websites mimic official government sites but you’ll be charged for services you could get for free

Over the last few weeks there’s been a lot of publicity about copycat websites, especially in the run-up to the self-assessment tax deadline. Copycat websites charge you for services that you could get for free (or much cheaper) by going direct to the government agency. They typically charge for passport renewal, filing your tax return or getting a driving licence. Don’t get caught out by them!

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Splitting a mortgage in divorce - what happens and how easy is it to sort out?
It’s not always easy for one person to take over the mortgage when a couple breaks up, especially in the current climate.

Recently I’ve had a number of ask the expert questions from women who’ve split up with their partner or husband and who want to take over the mortgage on their own. But even if you’re able to afford the monthly payments, the lender may not let your partner come off the mortgage. And the current economic climate means they’re being more cautious than they might have in the past. Here’s a guide to what to expect.

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Fraud and bank refunds; what the rules say about when banks are supposed to refund your money.
If you've had money taken out of your account, or a payment taken you didn't agree to, you should get your money back.

If you've had money taken out of your account by a company - perhaps you have hired a car on holiday and have found extra charges have been taken from your credit card, or perhaps you agreed to a one-off payment for a product and have had much more money taken than you agreed. The good news is that your bank or credit card company must refund these so-called 'unauthorised transactions'. The bad news is that bank staff may not always be aware of these rules.

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