Understanding risk in retirement; how not to take on too much risk once you've retired.
Make sure you understand which investments can be risky and how to limit your risk.

When you retire you leave behind the daily grind of the nine-to-five, but it doesn’t necessarily mean one long holiday for the rest of your life. Unless you’re lucky enough to have more money than you’re ever likely to need, you’ll have to squeeze the maximum income out of the money you do have, without taking on more risk than you feel comfortable with.

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How not to fall for pension scams and to keep your pension safe
If you fall for a pension scam, you could lose some or all of your pension fund.

In recent months there’s been a sharp increase in the number of fraudsters and rogue advisers contacting people and offering them a ‘free pension review’ in the run-up to the pension changes that came into effect on April 6th. Some of the fraudsters are very plausible. Be on your guard. Here are some of the common scams.

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Not happy with your financial provider? Complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service - it's free
If you're not happy with the way your bank, insurer or pension company has dealt with your complaint, you can use the free service.

What do you do if your bank or insurance company treats you unfairly? Probably you’d ring them up or write them a letter setting out why you’re unhappy. But what happens if they ignore your complaint or you don’t get the answer that you think you deserve? You can complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service. It's free to do.

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