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Budget changes to pensions - you'll have more freedom to take money from your pension and will get guidance
The government has announced that its free pension guidance service will be called Pensionwise

If you retire after April 5th 2015, you may qualify for free and impartial ‘guidance’ on what you can do with your pension. Also from 6th April 2015, people in workplace ‘defined contribution’ pensions (i.e. not final salary type schemes) and those with private pensions can take money from their pensions. Only people who are in workplace defined contribution or who have personal pensions can get the free guidance.

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Shopping around for a pension income. Make sure you shop around for an annuity if you buy one
If you shop around for an annuity with your pension pot you could get more money for life

We’re used to the idea of shopping around for financial products. But many of us don’t do it if we decide to buy an annuity with our pension pot. It's partly because pension companies don't make it as easy as they should. But if you don't shop around, you could miss out. How can you make sure you get the most money from your annuity?

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Government pension reforms: taking money from a pension
From April 2015 you’ll be able take money from your pension as you wish – or can you

There’s been a lot written about the government’s planned changes to pensions in April 2015. The Chancellor announced in the Budget that the rules would be changed from April so most people will be able to take as much as they’d like from their pensions. There’s been talk of using your pension like a bank account. But will this really happen?

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