Tax relief on pension contributions - what is it and how does it work?
If you don’t understand how ‘tax relief’ works on pensions you’re not alone. But it’s worth knowing about

There’s lots of research around which shows that more women than men tend to be put off pensions by the complex rules and jargon. It’s not that pensions are too complicated for us to understand, it’s just that the complexity can be - well - a bit alienating. One of the phrases that’s bandied about but not always understood is ‘tax relief’. Basic rate taxpayers can pay £80 into their pension and get another £20 from the government. Higher rate taxpayers get even more.

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Cashing in a small pension fund: if you have a pension fund of less than £30,000 when can you cash it in?
When you can cash in a small pension fund and what you have to bear in mind.

If you’ve only ever saved a small amount in your pension you may be able to take the whole lot as cash, but it’s not guaranteed. For a start, you have to be aged 60 or over, and you can only do this if all of your pensions add up to less than £30,000. If you have an 'occupational' pension, there are other restrictions as well.

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The Scottish independence referendum - what could independence mean?
The Scottish government has published details of how independence could affect pensions and other finances.

If Scotland voted ‘yes’ to Scottish independence, what could it mean for state pensions? Would you receive more if Scotland was independent? Over the last few months I’ve received a number of emails about Scottish independence from women who would like to know how it could affect them financially. The truth is that we don’t know what will happen, but here's what we know so far.

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