The FCA is warning people about the risk of unregulated investments in self invested personal pensions or SIPPs
The regulator said that it found 'poor advice' when people were advised to transfer to some DIY pensions

The regulator, the FCA said today that the quality of advice given by financial advisers about self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) with ‘esoteric’ investments was, generally speaking ‘poor’. It’s a pretty damning verdict. The regulator found that advisers were recommending that people invest in unregulated and often very risky investments.

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Sorting out your pension; if you can't join a workplace pension scheme, where do you start?
If you don't know where to start sorting out your pension, here is a guide to the first steps.

These days, when for many of us money is tighter than ever, it’s easy to put off starting your pension. But the state pension (and pension credit) currently only provides around £130 a week and, even after the flat rate pension is introduced it won’t pay enough to for a decent income in retirement. If your employer runs their own scheme that should be your starting point, but if you work for yourself or your employer doesn’t offer a pension, what should you do?

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A consumer watchdog is warning that people are being advised to switch pensions when it may mean higher costs.
Should you switch your pension to a different provider or fund? When is it a good idea to switch?

A few weeks ago, SavvyWoman’s ask the expert panel was sent a question by someone who’d been advised to switch her pension three times in six years (you can read the question and answer). Although there can be good reasons for switching it’s not always the right thing to do.

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