Finding a lost pension plan
If you've lost track of your pension there are ways you can find it - such as using the Pension Tracing Service

If you've lost track of a pension, perhaps because you only saved a relatively small amount in it or because the company you were employed by has been taken over, it's still possible to find it. There are companies that will find your pension for you for a fee, but you can also get details from a government service that doesn't charge a penny.

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Automatic enrolment into a workplace pension: what information can you expect?
If you’re being automatically signed up for a workplace pension, what does your employer have to tell you and when?

Recently I was in one of my local shops when three of the shop assistants were in avid conversation. It turns out they were talking about pensions (who knew?!) and, in particular, whether they should stay in their employer’s automatic enrolment scheme (where you’re automatically signed up for a pension and have to opt out if you don’t want to pay into it) as they’d just been sent some information about it. So, what should you be told, and when?

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Understanding pensions automatic enrolment and decisions you’ll have to make
If you’re being automatically enrolled into your workplace pension, what should you do next?

Starting on October 1st 2012 millions of employees have been automatically enrolled into their workplace pension as part of a new government initiative. Now I know that trust in the government is low and trust in the pensions industry probably isn’t much higher, but I happen to think that automatic enrolment is a good idea. Why? Because you don’t have to ‘get round to’ starting to save for your retirement but you can always opt out if you want to. So what decisions will you have to make?

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