Deferring your state pension; how much extra will you get
The government has announced it will pay people a lot less to defer their state pension after April 2016

You can be paid your state pension from the date you reach state pension age, but you don't have to take it then. Instead, you can defer it. At the moment, you get an extra 10.4% for every year that you put off taking your state pension, or you can get a lump sum. The government has just announced that for people reaching state pension age in April 2016, they'll get less.

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Getting National Insurance credits for your state pension if you're a carer
Being a carer and your state pension: don't lose out on National Insurance credits.

Many people – mostly women – who act as carers used to miss out on the state pension. Under the old rules you needed to receive a benefit called Carer’s Allowance to trigger credits for National Insurance contributions for your state pension, which many carers weren't entitled to receive. But on April 6th 2010, the rules changed and anyone caring for someone for 20 hours a week or more now get credits towards their state pension.

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Flat rate state pension if you've contracted out of National Insurance
How much pension will you get under the flat rate scheme if you're contracted out?

The government is going to introduce a flat rate state pension in April 2016. It’s designed to pay no less than £144 for people who have 35 years of National Insurance contributions (at 2012/13 rates). But if you have been contracted out of National Insurance (NI), which means you pay a lower rate of NI, you will get a different amount.

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