How not to fall for pension scams and to keep your pension safe
If you fall for a pension scam, you could lose some or all of your pension fund.

In recent months there’s been a sharp increase in the number of fraudsters and rogue advisers contacting people and offering them a ‘free pension review’ or telling them to transfer their pension ahead of the pension changes coming into force in April 2015. Some of the fraudsters are very plausible. Be on your guard.

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Early pension liberation or unlocking - what are the risks?
If you want to cash in your pension early (before you're 55), be aware that you could lose all of it.

Recently I’ve been getting a number of emails from women who want to know if they can cash in their pension to pay bills or to pay off a mortgage. Under the rules, the earliest you access your pension is the age of 55. But the Financial Services Authority, the Pensions Regulator and HM Revenue and Customs are warning about companies that say they can help you access part of your pension before you’re 55. They say some may be scams and others are likely to be illegal.

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Raising the state pension age to 66; when can you expect your state pension?
When will you get your state pension; a guide to whether you're affected by the state pension age rise.

When will you get your state pension? The chances are you may not know when you'll be entitled to get your state pension. The state pension age is currently rising from 60 to 66 for women (and from 65 to 66 for men). Women's state pension age started rising from 60 in April 2010 and will rise to 66 by October 2020. Find out when you'll get your state pension.

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