How to choose the right income protection (or permanent health insurance) policy.
Income protection can be a financial lifeline if you can’t work because you’re ill, but there are big differences between the policies on offer.

How would you survive on around £100 a week? You probably wouldn’t find it very easy, but that’s the level of sickness benefit that you might have to live on if you couldn’t work because you were ill. I’m not a big fan of buying endless insurance policies ‘just in case’, but income protection insurance is one that’s near the top of my list.

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If you've been mis-sold payment protection insurance you should claim to get your money back.
Millions of people have been mis-sold payment protection insurance but it's not too late to complain.

The banks have already paid out £15 billion in PPI (payment protection insurance) compensation. But it's not too late to complain if you think you've been mis-sold. Payment protection insurance was mis-sold to millions, when they were self-employed (so couldn't claim), had already retired, weren't asked about their medical history, were told PPI was compulsory or didn't realise they'd been sold it. It's not too late to complain.

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Lloyds bank hasn’t been handling PPI claims correctly
A Times newspaper investigation found that staff at a third party complaints handling centre were ‘fobbing off’ customers

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. An investigation by The Times (which I won’t link to as it’s behind a paywall) has found that complaints handlers hired to deal with PPI complaints against Lloyds banking group have been ‘playing the system’ and fobbing off customers. Lloyds says it’s an isolated incident. But what does it mean if you’ve complained about PPI?

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