Using your EHIC or European Health Insurance Card - what does it give you?
In many European countries, you can get the same medical treatment that someone who lives there is entitled to

If you want to get free or reduced cost medical care while you're travelling in Europe, you'll need to get an EHIC or European Health Insurance card. It's free to get and it means you get access to state provided medical treatment, so you can carry on with your holiday or return. How does it work?

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Ten ways to save money on your holiday
If you’re going on holiday, how can you save money on spending money and car hire, so you have more cash in your pocket?

Holidays are rarely cheap, but you can cut the costs of yours by planning ahead (so you don’t have to buy your travel money at the airport), shopping around (so you can get the best value car hire) and making sure you don’t use your credit or debit card without knowing the charges. Here are some ideas on how to make your money go further.

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How to spend less and have more fun on family holidays
Many of us spend more when we’re on holiday with the family than we plan to. How can you keep to a budget?

By Wendy Shand of

According to a recent survey, around a third of people going on holiday reckon they will spend more this year than last year (on average an extra £365). A collective tightening of the purses means that rising prices and - depending on where you're travelling to - a lousy exchange rate can have a big impact on your spending. So, here are some top tips for stretching your money further when you're on holiday.

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