Save money on car hire; if you're booking a hire car, make sure you don't pay sneaky extra charges.
Every year thousands of people find they’ve been charged far more than they were expecting by their car hire company. What can you do?

Renting a car can be an expensive business, especially if you’re booking in the peak season. What frustrates many consumers is when they get landed with an extra bill after they return the car – a bill for hundreds or even thousands of pounds that they weren’t expecting. Complaints about car hire problems are on the increase – but you can protect yourself.

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Ten ways to save money on your holiday
If you’re going on holiday, how can you save money on spending money and car hire, so you have more cash in your pocket?

Holidays are rarely cheap, but you can cut the costs of yours by planning ahead (so you don’t have to buy your travel money at the airport), shopping around (so you can get the best value car hire) and making sure you don’t use your credit or debit card without knowing the charges. Here are some ideas on how to make your money go further.

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Air passenger duty - what are the rates and how do you get a refund of air passenger duty?
The Autumn Statement made some changes to air passenger duty, but anyone who doesn’t fly – because of cancellation – can also get a refund. How?

Air passenger duty is a tax you pay for flying out of the UK (except long haul flights from Northern Ireland) or the Isle of Man. You pay it at different rates depending on how far you’re flying. In his Autumn Statement, the chancellor scrapped air passenger duty for children, in two stages (from May 2015 if they’re under 12 and from March 2016 if under 16). How can you get an air passenger duty refund?

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