If you're travelling in London, you can pay using your contactless bank card
Watch out so that you aren't charged twice - called 'card clash' - when paying by contactless card in London.

If you’re travelling by tube, bus, London overground or on most trains in London, you can now pay by contactless card. It's designed to be more convenient. The problem is that – if you’re not careful – you could be charged twice. What should you watch out for and what should you do if you are charged twice?

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Complaining about a holiday you're not happy with - what you can do
Delayed flights, costly car hire, dingy hotel...terrible food. What can you do if your holiday is ruined?

I think I've been fairly lucky with my holidays. Not all have lived up to expectations but there haven't been any nightmares. But every year thousands of people have holidays that go seriously wrong. Hotels haven't been built or facilities aren't completed, the swimming pool is a building site....staff are rude and the food is shocking. You know the kind of thing. If you've had a bad holiday, what can you do?

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Using your EHIC or European Health Insurance Card - what does it give you?
In many European countries, you can get the same medical treatment that someone who lives there is entitled to

If you want to get free or reduced cost medical care while you're travelling in Europe, you'll need to get an EHIC or European Health Insurance card. It's free to get and it means you get access to state provided medical treatment, so you can carry on with your holiday or return. How does it work?

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