5 traps to avoid if you’re buying family travel insurance
If you’re travelling with your family or you’re pregnant, make sure you get the right travel insurance

If you’re buying travel insurance and you’re pregnant or you’re travelling with your family, watch out for big differences in the cover on offer from policies. Some won’t cover children over the age of 16, and some will expect a fit to fly note if you travel in the late stages of pregnancy, while others don’t mention pregnancy in their policy documents, so you’d have to ring them up to find out more.

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Buying a beach hut; how much does it cost and what does it involve?
The hot weather may have made you dream of lazy days by the coast but should you invest in a beach hut?

Bank Holiday weekends are traditionally the time for family days out at the beach. But for some a beach towel and a couple of deck chairs don't quite cut it. Over the last few years beach huts have experienced a revival in popularity, with some fetching more than £100,000. While most go for far less, you can still expect to pay a minimum of several thousand pounds. So can a beach hut ever be a good investment?

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How much extra could you have to pay for a hire car?
If you’re heading abroad for your holidays, beware that extra car hire charges could double the cost.

If you’re about to book a hire car, make sure you check as many of the charges as you can when shopping around. I’ve thought for some time that car hire comparison sites are only of limited use if they don’t let you compare car hire on the basis of all the charges you’ll have to pay. When I’ve written about this before I’ve found that charges for things like child car seats and excess insurance can significantly add to the overall costs.

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