How will the Greek crisis affect your holiday plans?
Greek banks will be shut for a week and ATMs could run out of cash. What does it mean if you're going on holiday?

Banks in Greece will be closed all this week, with cash machines limiting the amount that Greek nationals can withdraw. These limits of €60 a day (around £42, as I write this) won't apply to tourists. But the problem is that cash machines may run out of cash so you may not be able to get your money. And what happens if you want to pay by card?

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Ten tips on getting the right travel insurance policy for less
If you’re buying travel insurance, what should you look for and how can you save money?

If you’re going on holiday, you normally need travel insurance. If you travel in Europe you can get some free medical treatment with an EHIC card (see my article that explains what an EHIC does and how to get one). Travel insurance will also pay out if you have to cancel your holiday or if your luggage is stolen. So what should you look for in a policy?

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Save money on car hire; if you're booking a hire car, make sure you don't pay sneaky extra charges.
Every year thousands of people find they’ve been charged far more than they were expecting by their car hire company. What can you do?

Renting a car can be an expensive business, especially if you’re booking in the peak season. What's worse is if you're charged for extras you weren't expecting. Find out how to avoid the sneaky charges - and how to make sure you have the right licence information.

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