Telematics (or ‘black box’) insurance can cut costs for young drivers. What's on offer?
If you’re looking to save money on young driver insurance, a 'black box' device may be the answer. But policies vary widely.

If you’re a young driver or you’re the mum of one you’ll know that car insurance can cost thousands. Shopping around can cut costs, as can making sure you don’t drive a souped-up car. But some of the biggest savings come from choosing a telematics or ‘black box’ insurance policy. They were first launched a few years ago but didn’t really take off at the time. Now, they’re much more popular and there's a handful of companies offering them. What's on offer?

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If you want to scrap your old car - what are the options?
You can still get paid for scrapping your old car - here's how to get the most money for yours

If your car has reached the end of its days or it's too expensive to repair, you may need to scrap it. You have several options, including scrapping it yourself for parts and taking it to an authorised scrap yard. These days they have to comply with EU recycling regulations. You shouldn't have to pay to get your car scrapped and you should be paid for its scrap value instead.

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5 traps to avoid if you’re buying family travel insurance
If you’re travelling with your family or you’re pregnant, make sure you get the right travel insurance

If you’re buying travel insurance and you’re pregnant or you’re travelling with your family, watch out for big differences in the cover on offer from policies. Some won’t cover children over the age of 16, and some will expect a fit to fly note if you travel in the late stages of pregnancy, while others don’t mention pregnancy in their policy documents, so you’d have to ring them up to find out more.

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