Tips for filling in your self assessment tax return - and mistakes to avoid
If you’ve not yet filled in your tax return, you still have time. But if you've not registered for online filing, time is running out.

For many people, filling in their tax return is about as much fun as going to the dentist, but it’s easier if you don’t leave it until the very last minute. Time is running out as returns have to be submitted online by January 31st. If you’ve never filled in a self assessment form online before, you may have to register online and get your activation code in the post – which can take over a week to arrive.

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Five things you need to know about your rights if you’re affected by the snow
What happens if your child's school is closed, flights are cancelled or you can't get to work?

While most of the schools in the UK were open today, thousands were closed and some could close in the next few days. If your children are in school and you normally work, it can be difficult getting childcare at short notice – which probably means you have to work at home or take the day off. If you can’t get into work, you’ll probably lose out on pay. And if your flight is cancelled, what can you claim? Find out.

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Air passenger duty - what are the rates and how do you get a refund of air passenger duty?
The Autumn Statement made some changes to air passenger duty, but anyone who doesn’t fly – because of cancellation – can also get a refund. How?

Air passenger duty is a tax you pay for flying out of the UK (except long haul flights from Northern Ireland) or the Isle of Man. You pay it at different rates depending on how far you’re flying. In his Autumn Statement, the chancellor scrapped air passenger duty for children, in two stages (from May 2015 if they’re under 12 and from March 2016 if under 16). How can you get an air passenger duty refund?the opening

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