Finance lessons: children in England will be taught about finance in schools
From September, children will learn about finance in schools in England. In Wales they already have these lessons.

From September, children in England will be taught about finance in schools. The lessons will form part of key stages three and four. In Wales and Northern Ireland, finance lessons are compulsory for some school-age children, but in Scotland it is not. What will finance lessons include?

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How to get a cheap school uniform - saving money on school uniforms
You can save money on your child's school uniform - what's on offer and what's the cost?

It’s not too late to shop for school uniforms and you can still get a good deal. Compared to last year, some supermarkets and department stores have raised prices for some items, but others have reduced them (generally the department stores that were uncompetitive last year). So, who is the top of the class out of the major supermarkets and department stores and who could do better?

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The best student bank accounts for 2014/15 - what to look for
Which accounts have the biggest 0% interest overdrafts and which have the best student bank account freebies?

It's ‘A’ level results time and that means deciding whether you can go to your chosen university and which bank to open your student account with. Pick the right one and you could get an interest free overdraft of up to £3,000. So what should you look for and which student bank accounts make the grade?

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