Switching your child trust fund account to a junior ISA
From April you should be able to transfer your child trust fund to a junior ISA if you want to. Should you?

The rules are due to change from April 6th so that parents will be able to transfer child trust funds into junior ISA accounts. Why would you want to? One reason is that some junior ISAs pay higher interest (if they are cash) or have lower charges (if they invest in stocks and shares) than a similar child trust fund would. What do you need to know?

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Parents find the rules on junior ISAs confusing
Junior ISAs are three years old, but half of parents find the rules confusing

I get lots of emails from parents who are confused about junior ISAs so we carried out some research to find out how widespread this confusion is. Junior ISAs are tax-efficient accounts for children where money is locked away until they are 18. Almost half of parents wrongly assume all children can have a junior ISA and many aren’t sure if there are any limits on what can be paid into one.

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Which junior cash ISAs pay the highest rate of interest?
If you want the best junior cash ISA for your child, which accounts are worth looking at?

Junior ISAs were launched in November 2011 - the government's replacement for the child trust fund, which was abolished in January the same year. They work in a similar way to 'adult' cash ISAs, which means that interest is paid tax free. However, unlike an adult cash ISA, you have to leave money in the junior ISA until your child is 18 (although they can transfer it between providers). Which pay the best rates?

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