If you’re pregnant, are there any train travel concessions?
Some train companies will let some pregnant mums-to-be upgrade to First Class, while others have priority seat schemes.

The other day I saw an article in the London Evening Standard about a pregnant woman who’d had to sit on the floor because there wasn’t a seat in standard class. There’s no UK-wide policy adopted by all rail companies, but some will let pregnant women have a priority seat card while others will let season ticket holders sit in first class.

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What happens to your pension when you take maternity leave?
You can still build up your pension while you’re on maternity leave and get contributions from your employer

When you go on maternity leave (or paternity or adoption leave), your employer should still pay into your workplace pension on your behalf while you’re on paid leave. If you take the full 52 weeks of leave that you’re allowed to take by law, there’s only 13 weeks during which your employer doesn’t have to pay into your pension. That means you can continue building up your pension while you’re away from work.

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Saving on the cost of a new baby; how to buy the basics for less.
When you’re buying for your new baby, you may feel like you need to get everything at once, but some things can wait.

By Marcia Nattress

When you’re about to be a first-time mum, it’s tempting to rush out and clear the shelves of anything baby-related. But there’s really only a handful of essentials that you have to buy right away, all the rest can wait. Make a list of the basic essentials to help you focus your spending on what’s necessary. It could also double up as a gift list if family and friends want to buy a practical present for your baby.

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