Maternity pay and maternity leave - how much will you get?
Having a baby; how much you'll get in maternity pay and how you can prepare.

According to the research by USwitch, mums are getting into debt – either borrowing from friends and family or taking out credit cards and loans – when they’re on maternity leave. For many new mums, the drop in salary means budgets are stretched. So what are your rights when you take maternity leave and how much will you get?

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Exercise on a budget for the new mum – how to get fit without spending a fortune.
Exercise after you've given birth doesn't have to be expensive as there are plenty of free or low cost options.

By Becky Goddard-Hill of

Exercise is important not only for getting you back into your normal size clothes but also for feeling strong, awake and upbeat. Don't start exercising straight after giving birth. Talk to your doctor or health visitor before you begin exercising and find out how much exercise you should do and what you should do at first.

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How to save money if you have twins or triplets
If you have twins or triplets, how can you save money on the cost of your babies?

Having one child is expensive enough, but if you have twins or triplets, you'll - obviously - pay a lot more. How can you save money if you have twins or triplets?

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