Maternity pay and maternity leave - how much will you get?
Having a baby; how much you'll get in maternity pay and how you can prepare.

According to the research by USwitch, mums are getting into debt – either borrowing from friends and family or taking out credit cards and loans – when they’re on maternity leave. For many new mums, the drop in salary means budgets are stretched. So what are your rights when you take maternity leave and how much will you get?

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What is child benefit? How much do you get if you claim child benefit?
If yo'ure a parent, or you look after a child, you're able to claim child benefit. Make sure you know how much you can claim

If you have children or you look after a child, you can claim child benefit. The amount you get depends on how many children you have. It's not means-tested, but if you or your partner earns more than £50,000 a year, you or he/she will have to pay tax on it.

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Child benefit changes Q and A – how the £50,000 income limit may affect your child benefit
How are you affected by the child benefit changes - will you have to pay tax or stop claiming child benefit?

The government’s child benefit changes that were introduced in January 2013 are not the most straightforward. I’ve written an article that’s a basic guide to the child benefit changes, but I’ve also had lots of questions about what counts towards the £50,000 income threshold and what happens if your partner won’t tell you about his or her finances and who pays the tax charge if a new partner moves in.

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