Married and maiden names on your bank accounts - can you do this?
If you want a bank account in your married and maiden names, how easy is it to arrange?

If you’re married and you want to keep your maiden name for, for example, work, but use your married name the rest of the time, how easy is it to get bank accounts in both your names? The answer is that it depends on the bank you’re with.

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Do married couples pay less tax? The marriage allowance means some couples could be better off
Claiming the marriage allowance - how can you claim it and what do you get?

From April 6th 2015 a new marriage allowance was introduced. It gives married couples and those in a civil partnership a chance for the higher earner to transfer some of their tax allowance to the other partner, if they earn less than the personal allowance. It is worth just over £4 a week to four million couples.

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What does marriage mean for your finances?
Most couples don’t get married for the tax breaks(!), but there are some financial benefits to saying ‘I do’.

Marriage has become a bit of a political issue over the years with a number of debates about whether successive governments are doing enough to encourage it and figures certainly show that the number of couples tying the knot are declining. And while most couples have more important things than tax breaks to think about, there are still some financial and tax benefits for married couples and those in a civil partnership that are worth knowing about.

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