How to get the mortgage you want at the best rates; tips on how to get a mortgage
Checking your credit file, getting your deposit, closing old credit card accounts will all help

In the current market mortgage lenders definitely have the upper hand. And that means they’re being choosy about who they give a mortgage and who gets their best deals. You can’t guarantee you’ll be approved for a mortgage, but if you follow these tips from three independent mortgage brokers you will certainly increase your chances of getting the mortgage you want.

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A guide to buying a property in the country - what you need to know
Ten things you need to know about buying and financing a property in the country.

If you’re thinking of buying a property in a rural area, there are some problems that buyers in towns and cities are unlikely to face (rights of way and not being on mains drainage are two examples that spring to mind). Mortgage lenders are a pretty cautious bunch by nature – especially in the current climate – so it’s worth being aware of what might scare them before you start your search.

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How does equity release work? Understanding the basics of equity release
What do you need to think about if you're taking out an equity release or lifetime mortgage?

Equity release has come in for some pretty bad press over the years, but for some older homeowners, it may be a better option than selling up or trying to survive on their pension. However, it’s an important financial step and you have to be aware of the disadvantages as well as the benefits.

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