Understanding dividends; what are dividends and how they can provide an income or increase your return
If you invest in company shares or share-based funds, dividends can make all the difference to your return

If you invest in shares, you don't only make a profit if the value of the shares increases, you can make money when the company you've invested in pays a dividend. The dividend is simply a share of the profits. But not all companies pay a dividend. Find out which ones do and why it's important.

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Watch out for hidden charges on your investment plans, you may not realise how much you’re paying
Investment companies should be far more open about costs and charges, according to a new report

If you’ve taken out a stocks and shares ISA or invested in a share-based fund, do you know how much you’re being charged in management fees and commissions? The chances are that you probably don’t. Financial advisers and investment companies have to provide information about how much of the money we invest will disappear in charges. The problem is that this information is not as transparent as it could be.

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What is crowdfunding and how does it work?
Small businesses are raising money directly from individuals through crowdfunding platforms. How risky are they?

A few years ago, many of us hadn’t heard of crowdfunding, but now it’s going mainstream. Crowdfunding gives businesses and projects a chance to raise money directly from the public, without going to the banks. If you’re an investor, it means you can invest directly in small and growing businesses. However, it can be risky and companies that people have bought into have gone bust.

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