Investing in shares; starting your own investment club.
If you don’t want to invest a lot of money in shares and you’d like to combine it with socialising, why not start or join an investment club?

Several years ago a group of women who’d met through their regular yoga class decided to help each other learn more about money and – in particular – the stock market, by setting up an investment club. The idea was that they’d meet once a month and each pay £25 into a kitty to invest in shares. And so the FYG Leaf investment club was born. Their investments have certainly had some dramatic ups and downs but the group believe that the knowledge they've gained is priceless.

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What is crowdfunding and how does it work?
Crowdfunding investment means you invest directly in small businesses and start ups. Is it a good idea?

Crowdfunding gives businesses and projects a chance to raise money directly from the public, without going to the banks. And, if you’re an investor, it means you can invest directly in small and growing businesses. However, it can be risky and companies that people have put money into have gone bust.

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Understanding dividends; what are dividends and how they can provide an income or increase your return
If you invest in company shares or share-based funds, dividends can make all the difference to your return

If you invest in shares, you don't only make a profit if the value of the shares increases, you can make money when the company you've invested in pays a dividend. The dividend is simply a share of the profits. But not all companies pay a dividend. Find out which ones do and why it's important.

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