Labour Party manifesto - what are the key points on finance?
The Labour Party promises to cut the deficit every year, improve childcare and ban zero hours contracts

The Labour Party has produced its manifesto. I’ve read it and picked out the key points that I think you’ll want to know about – everything from the economy through to tax, state pensions and housing. Here’s my bullet point guide:

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Which banks are in the UK savings compensation scheme and do they protect £85,000 of savings?
Which banks share a compensation limit and which aren’t members of the UK’s compensation scheme?

The vast majority of banks operating in the UK (and building societies) are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. That means if you have savings with them, you are protected up to a limit of £85,000. But it’s not that simple as some banks ‘share’ the £85,000 limit between them. How does it work?

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Best cash ISA transfer rates; how to get more from existing cash ISAs
If you have savings in an existing cash ISA, it’s well worth transferring for a better rate

With interest rates so low I'm getting a lot of emails from women who are furious to find their cash ISA provider drops the interest rate on their savings - often to very low levels. If you have savings from previous tax years in cash ISAs, the rules let you switch some or all of your cash to another cash ISA (or a stocks and shares one if you want to invest). Which are paying the best rates at the moment?

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