Budget 2015 - changes to tax on savings, ISAs, pensions and help to buy ISAs
The Chancellor introduced a new personal allowance for savers, so you can get interest tax free

The Chancellor’s last Budget before the election included a new tax-free allowance for savings interest, tax not deducted from saving interest, increased flexibility on ISAs and a help to buy ISA. It also confirmed information released at the weekend, which is that people who already have annuities will be able to sell them, if they want to.

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Understanding dividends; what are dividends and how they can provide an income or increase your return
If you invest in company shares or share-based funds, dividends can make all the difference to your return

If you invest in shares, you don't only make a profit if the value of the shares increases, you can make money when the company you've invested in pays a dividend. The dividend is simply a share of the profits. But not all companies pay a dividend. Find out which ones do and why it's important.

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How to transfer your cash ISA
What should you do if you want to transfer your cash ISA to get a better interest rate

If you want to transfer your cash ISA to a different cash ISA provider to get a better rate of interest, there are certain steps you should take to make sure that you keep the interest tax free. The whole process should be completed within 15 working days, but it could be done more quickly.

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