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Transferring your credit card balance to another credit card
How can you save the most money by transferring to a 0% credit card deal and are there any catches?

If you don't manage to pay off your credit card balance in full every month, you may not realise how much interest you're paying. And if you never clear your balance, you could make big savings by transferring your balance to a 0% credit card deal. Find out how.

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Gift cards and gift vouchers; expiry dates, your rights if the retailer goes bust and lost cards
If you’re thinking of buying a gift card, make sure you understand when the card may expire and what happens if the retailer goes bust

Gift cards and vouchers can be a convenient way of giving a present to someone if you’re not sure what to get them but you know where they like to shop. However, not all gift cards are equal! Some have a longer expiry date than others and some can be used online while others cannot. And, if the retailer goes bust before the gift card or voucher has been used, the money may be lost forever.

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Ordered something online and never received it? What are your rights?
What are your rights if you order something online or over the phone and it doesn't arrive or is late?

If you're shopping online (or by mail order or over the phone), you have rights. These rights mean that it's the retailer's responsibility to make sure that goods turn up. So if you order something, you don't need to battle with the delivery company - contact the retailer instead.

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