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New EU consumer rights mean longer to return goods bought online and cheaper call costs when complaining
From today you'll have 14 days in which to return goods that were bought online, by phone or mail order.

If you buy something online, by phone or mail order, from today you'll have longer to return it. The new EU rules also mean that you must be told when you're going to be charged for something when you shop online. And companies won't be able to sell you extras (such as insurance) by getting you to untick a box.

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How to get the best 0% balance transfer credit card; saving money on credit cards
If you need to transfer your credit card balance, which are the best 0% balance transfer deals?

Figures from the credit card industry show that slightly more women than men don't pay off their credit card balance in full every month. If you owe money on your credit card and know you won't be able to clear it in a few months, you could consider a 0% balance transfer deal. There are some competitive 0% balance transfer credit card deals around at the moment but some have minimum salary levels and most expect you to have a good credit history.

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M&S bank is launching a fee-free current account
M&S bank will launch a new current account in the summer, which won’t charge a fee

M&S Bank is hoping to tempt millions of customers to switch to it with a new fee free account. The account is available from today (15th May). The new account will have all the ‘banking’ benefits that the fee charging account has (except a high interest rate on savings) but none of the M&S store benefits.

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