Women say they'll have to retire four years later than they'd like to and 40% feel worse off than a year ago
Over 40% of women manage money in a relationship and many parents are baffled about children’s savings

In 2014 I published the first SavvyWoman Women & Money report. It’s designed to be a snapshot of how women feel about their finances – everything from everyday money to investing and retirement. There are some really interesting findings from our research: women feel more gloomy about their finances than men; women reckon they’ll have to retire four years later than they’d like to and women and men are confused about the rules on children’s savings.

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Savvy women and money; what you think about it, who manages it and when should you start saving for retirement?
When do you think the ideal age is to start saving for a pension? Do you have financial secrets and are state pensions confusing?

I get lots of press releases about women and money (as you can imagine), looking at how we are saving less than men, saving more than men, aren’t saving enough for our retirement, have financial secrets from our partners and so on. So – as it’s International Women’s Day - I thought I’d write up a snapshot of what I know about SavvyWoman users from the emails, poll results, tweets and comments I’ve received.

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What can you do with Christmas presents you don't want? Return? Regift? Recycle?
When you can return unwanted gifts, how to recycle them (for cash) and how to give them to charity.

What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received? A dress that’s two sizes too big (or small?) Or something offensively practical, such as a washing-up bowl, dustpan and brush (which a friend of mine's husband gave her - once!)? Whatever your particular nightmare gift, I bet you’ve received many presents over the years that didn’t quite hit the mark. Hopefully, you remembered to smile enthusiastically when you were given them. The question is, what do you do with them?

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