If you're a victim of fraud or you've been overcharged, what should your bank do?
If you've been the victim of fraud or been charged too much a hotel or car hire firm, you can get a refund from your bank

If you've had money debited from your account fraudulently or a hotel or car hire company has billed you for something you didn't expect or weren't warned about, you should get a refund from the bank unless, in the case of fraud, it has reason to believe you were negligent. It's part of improvements to consumer protection that were introduced in November 2009 and they give consumers very useful rights.

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How to complain to your energy company
How to complain about your energy supplier - what to do if you're unhappy

If you're not happy with your gas or electricity supplier, perhaps because they've made a mistake with your bill or have set your direct debit too high, what can you do?

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If you make a bank payment to the wrong person, how easy is it to get back?
Banks now make most online and phone payments within minutes, so what can you do if there’s a mistake?

From May (2014) if you pay the wrong person by mistake, you should get more help from your bank. That's because a voluntary code is being introduced. However, it still won't guarantee that you'll get your money back. What's the problem and how will the new code help?

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