Christmas shopping – your questions answered
If you’re doing some last minute Christmas shopping, what are your rights if you buy online, buy a gift card or there’s a problem?

If you're doing some Christmas shopping, what are your rights if you're buying from eBay, you buy a gift card or you buy something that's faulty?

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If you’ve switched from your energy supplier, you may be due a refund.
You could be owed an average of £50 if you switched supplier – how can you claim it?

If you switched supplier you may be owed money. Why? If your account was in credit when you switched, you may not have been given an automatic refund at the time. The energy suppliers had different policies when it came to giving refunds – but now they have to try and refund the cash.

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The government plans to give consumers new rights to a refund from rogue traders
New consumer rights laws will give people up to 90 days to cancel a contract if they’ve been misled or bullied into signing.

Have you ever been misled into signing up for something? Or have you found that your elderly parents have been pressurised or bullied and bought something they didn’t need or want? From October 1st 2014, you have the right to cancel the contract within 90 days of taking it out and get a full refund. You’ll also get longer to cancel if you buy online or by mail order and decide you've changed your mind.

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