How to complain to your energy company
How to complain about your energy supplier - what to do if you're unhappy

If you're not happy with your gas or electricity supplier, perhaps because they've made a mistake with your bill or have set your direct debit too high, what can you do?

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The government is going to make it easier to take action against cold callers
If you want to stop cold callers, what can you do?

Companies that cold call or send nuisance texts could be fined up to £500,000 – and it will be easier to take action against them. That’s under plans to be announced by the government today. At the moment it’s hard for the regulator, the Information Commissioner, to take action against the companies. But from April 6th it could be much easier. But what can you do to stop cold calls?

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Which energy companies have cut their prices?
Several energy companies have reduced their gas tariffs - but not by much

The prices of oil and gas have fallen quite substantially recently, with wholesale gas prices down by over 20% in the last 12 months. Several of the big energy companies have announced cuts in the price of gas, but only of a few percent and in some cases, the reductions won’t kick in for some time. Who’s cutting their prices and by how much?

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