Paying using your mobile
If you want to use your mobile phone to pay bills, for shopping – or friends – how can you do it?

If you want to pay your friends easily using your mobile phone, how can you do it? There are several mobile payment systems around, including Paym (pronounced pay-em), which is offered by several of the big banks.

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If you want to ditch the big six energy companies, what’s on offer?
There are a number of independent energy companies in the market – here’s a guide to what they offer.

A few years ago I made the decision to move away from my ‘big six’ supplier and get my gas and electricity from one of the independent suppliers. Why? I was fed up with the annual round of price rises and the unconvincing justification that went with it. I went with Ovo energy, but there are plenty of others that you can choose from. Here’s my guide.

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How to reclaim overpaid direct debits from your gas or electricity company
If you’ve paid too much on your gas and electricity bill, you should get the money back. But how?

It may not feel like spring, but warmer weather should be on the way. That means, among other things, you’ll be using less gas and electricity, which should mean lower bills. But research by comparison site uSwitch found that over half of householders who paid their bills by direct debit are owed money by their gas or electricity company, by an average of almost £86. So what can you do if you’re paying by direct debit and want a refund or to reduce your monthly payments?

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