Paying using your mobile phone
If you want to use your mobile phone to pay bills, for shopping – or friends – how can you do it?

If you want to pay your friends easily using your mobile phone, how can you do it? There are several mobile payment systems around, including Paym (pronounced pay-em), which is offered by several of the big banks. Which is the best for you and how do they differ?

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How to save money when you buy clothes - try revitalising what you already have.
Getting a stylish wardrobe on a budget - how to get more wear out of clothes you have.

By Gill Davies of Iris Personal Styling

Do you struggle when it comes to the clothes you want, need to buy or think it’s reasonable to have? If so, these feelings may be coloured by your previous shopping experiences, perhaps you have clothes in your wardrobe you bought but have never worn (or only wore once before abandoning them). Recycling, remodeling, resizing and revitalising your existing wardrobe will save you money and cut down on your need to shop.

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How to save money and keep the pounds - finding a money diet that works for you.
Getting into financial shape doesn’t have to be painful and it could take the pressure off your purse over the summer.

If you're going through an expensive time (perhaps because you've had some household repairs or your hours at work have been reduced) or if you find it hard to manage on a regular basis, you'll need a way of saving money. Some of them are easier than others but I guarantee they'll all help you to keep the pounds!

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