Paying using your mobile phone
If you want to use your mobile phone to pay bills, for shopping – or friends – how can you do it?

If you want to pay your friends easily using your mobile phone, how can you do it? There are several mobile payment systems around, including Paym (pronounced pay-em), which is offered by several of the big banks. Which is the best for you and how do they differ?

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Hiring clothes, shoes and bags. Where to go and what you’ll pay
If you’d rather hire an outfit than buy one, what should you look out for and what will it cost?

Are you the kind of person who blows the budget on an outfit for a special occasion? Or do you for budget buys? If you’d like to blow the budget, but can’t afford it, is hiring an outfit the answer? Hiring can cost from £25 upwards. It’s not just dresses you can rent either – you can also hire handbags and shoes. What should you look for?

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Ten things you need to know about Bank of England banknotes
As the Bank of England confirms it will introduce plastic banknotes, here are some weird and wonderful banknote facts.

Have you ever been given a duff banknote or found one after it’s been through the washing cycle? Can you name the people whose faces are on banknotes (apart from the Queen)? Do you know when the first banknote was issued? Probably not, why would you! Here ten things you didn’t realise you needed to know about banknotes.

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