What are your rights when buying a second-hand car?
Figures show that more of us are buying second-hand cars. What are your rights if you buy a used car from a dealer or private seller?

It seems that more of us are buying second-hand cars rather than splashing out on a new one. It can make financial sense as new cars lose some of their value as soon drive them off the forecourt. But buying a second-hand car can be fraught with problems and unfortunately some dealers and sellers see women as easy targets. But you are well protected – in theory at least – if you buy from a dealer.

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If you're a victim of fraud or you've been overcharged, what should your bank do?
If you've been the victim of fraud or been charged too much a hotel or car hire firm, you're protected by FSA rules.

If you've had money debited from your account fraudulently or a hotel or car hire company has billed you for something you didn't expect or weren't warned about, you should get a refund from the bank unless, in the case of fraud, it has reason to believe you were negligent. It's part of improvements to consumer protection that were introduced in November 2009 and they give consumers very useful rights.

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Paying using your mobile
If you want to use your mobile phone to pay bills, for shopping – or friends – how can you do it?

If you want to pay your friends easily using your mobile phone, how can you do it? There are several mobile payment systems around, including Paym (pronounced pay-em), which is offered by several of the big banks.

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