Which energy companies have cut their prices?
Several energy companies have reduced their gas tariffs - but not by much

The prices of oil and gas have fallen quite substantially recently, with wholesale gas prices down by over 20% in the last 12 months. Several of the big energy companies have announced cuts in the price of gas, but only of a few percent and in some cases, the reductions won’t kick in for some time. Who’s cutting their prices and by how much?

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If you have a partner with a bad credit rating, will it affect yours?
Find out how your credit rating could be affected by your partner's - and when it won't be

If you signed up to a mortgage or loan with your partner, husband or wife, their credit file will be linked to yours. And that means that their own credit rating will affect yours. So, if they have a history of not paying their debts on time, it could affect the rate of interest you're charged, how much you can borrow and even, if you're offered credit in the first place.

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How to fix a mistake on your credit report
If there's a mistake on your credit report, how can you correct it?

Your credit file tells a prospective lender where you have lived in the past, whether or not you’re on the electoral roll (which verifies who you are) and how well you’ve managed credit and loans. The problem is that mistakes can occur and while the errors themselves may seem relatively minor, the effect on your ability to borrow may be dramatic. That’s why it’s vital that you get any errors corrected – and fast.

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