Why do you have sponsors?

I’d love to be able to run SavvyWoman without having to make it pay, however, that’s just not realistic. If I want to keep adding to the site and updating the information frequently I need to invest in it, which requires money. I thought long and hard about how to finance the site before deciding on sponsorship and advertising.

Can you still be independent?

I have a long track record of personal finance journalism and I’m proud of the fact that this is an independent site. I’m not about to compromise that by mentioning or promoting any company or its products because it’s sponsoring SavvyWoman.

The contract all sponsors have to sign includes a clause saying that they won't try and influence editorial content on the website. If they don't sign, they're not allowed to sponsor the site.

So far I've turned down at least as many companies as I've accepted because I haven't felt they've been right as sponsors of SavvyWoman.

It’s important that you know you can trust the information, advice and tips that appear on the site.

The material provided on this website is general information that is intended for general guidance and is not suitable for professional advice.
You should always obtain independent financial advice.