SavvyWoman is a new money website aimed at women aged 30 or over. It is content rich, with lots of useful articles, tips and information. It also offers money-savvy women access to unique discounts.

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It's the ideal opportunity to talk to a prime audience - women aged 30+ who are looking for smart, no-nonsense information about their finances.

Your brand and message will be designed as an intrinsic part of the site structure, allowing maximum flexibility via a variety of placement options.

Your message will not compete with that of other sponsors as there will only be one sponsor per subject section.

You have the option of a link to your own page within the SavvyWoman website, where you can personalise your message about your brand and/or services.

You will be part of a growing online community of savvy self-motivated women who understand how important it is to keep on top of their finances.

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